While in many jurisdictions, such as Canada, Europe and China, governments are developing new legislation for the deployment of electric vehicles, manufacturers are starting to innovate in a race to meet growing demand needs.

Today, our client Lion Electric Company , a Quebec manufacturer specializing in the development of 100% electric buses and trucks, launches its brand new 100% electric city truck, the Lion8. And Creaform Ingénierie is happy to have participated in this unique project.

Exclusive - Report of the 2018 technical control: massacre avoided, but ...

It is a matter of days before the Ministry of Transport makes public the long awaited 2018 assessment of technical control, but Caradisiac is already able to reveal the main trends. While the increase in the rate of counter-visit is far from the dreaded disaster, other phenomena worry the professionals.

Useful list of Caradisiac: all customer relations services of manufacturers

As you know, Caradisiac is there too (and above all) to make your life easier and to be by your side when the tile occurs. So at the radius of the "useful" lists, here is that of all customer relations services of manufacturers.

That the one who has never had trouble with his car throws us the first stone (ok, Honda owners are not allowed to play ...). We have all, or almost all, already faced a hazard affecting our car. If, when it is too old, to hold the builder accountable is lost, during the warranty period, and even afterwards, it may prove useful.

Geneva Salon 2019 - The report of the editorial staff

Geneva 2019, it's over. During all these days, the Caradisiac editorial team has covered the event for you live , running from one booth to the next so you will not miss any unveiling, no novelty, no event. The journalists were in turn seduced, surprised, disappointed, enthusiastic, perplexed ... Today, while the show has just closed for a year and in hindsight, what remains of this 89th edition?

BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Ford to share navigation data

BMW has announced at a conference the opening of an open access platform for third parties on the navigation data of outstanding BMW vehicles, in collaboration with Mercedes, Volvo and Ford. This obviously anonymous information is intended to improve road safety.

This is the kind of information that has to cringe the protectors of privacy, but members of this European consortium ensure that it is only anonymous data sharing.

Volvo leaves the development of heat engines to Geely, to focus on the electric

Volvo and its Chinese owner Geely announce a merger of their "thermal engine" business to let Volvo manage only the design of electric powertrains.

The development of thermal engines (for diesel, gasoline and plug-in hybrids) will soon no longer be Volvo's business. The Swedish manufacturer announces a merger with its Geely for the part thermal engines. Clearly, Volvo's plug-in and thermal hybrids in the coming years will have Chinese blocks coming from Geely-Volvo under the hood.

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