The line of wheel loaders was replenished with essentially new Volvo L350H model, with the fuel efficiency improved for 20% in comparison with the previous model, a set of improvements in area of productivity and effective new design.

L350H - the biggest wheel Volvo Construction Equipment loader suitable for the most wide range of applications, from the mining industry and career works to large infrastructure projects. Developing success of the predecessor, the L350F loader released 10 years ago the Volvo company presents structurally updated L350H loader equipped with modern innovative technologies.


L350H design possessing an ideal combination of power and controllability provides high efficiency.

The hydraulic system of new generation about autoregulation on loading improves control of the hinged equipment and reduces time of a running cycle due to increase in speed of a raising and lowering of an arrow. The high efficiency of this car is supplemented by a wide choice of the hinged equipment Volvo. The L350H parameters are a match for his sizes and design – including geometry of an arrow, effort of a separation and rise. All line of loaders is specially developed for such applications as: loading in a face, loading of heavy blocks and loading of forest products. Clients also have an opportunity to order the devices specialized hinged under the special requirements.

The new rocky ladle of Volvo has the extended bottom and the optimized ladle profile curve radius for the best filling which provide increase in productivity to 15%. Besides, the configuration with the extended arrow allows to load the 65-ton (70-ton) truck no more than for six cycles. For increase in loading capacity and the maximum stability during the work with big L350H blocks it is delivered in two options of a complete set – standard or strengthened – and with the wide range of the reliable hinged equipment Volvo, including a pitchfork for blocks, tooth a vylamyvatel and the pusher for blocks.

The new reloading ladle of Volvo of 10,7 m ³ (14 cubic yards) provides productivity gain to 5%. The convex profile of sidewalls of a ladle and the improved protection against a prosypaniye facilitate filling of a ladle and reduce material losses. For increase in productivity and mitigation of blows it is possible to add the system of a soft pendant of an arrow offered as an option. The system is activated automatically depending on the included transfer or speed of the movement.


The L350H model is also equipped with intellectual technology for decrease in fuel consumption. More convenient ladles in filling allow to move more material with smaller fuel consumption, and reduction of streams of hydroliquid in hydraulic system when lowering an arrow and unloading a ladle reduce energy consumption by a hydraulic pump for use in other functions. L350H is completed with the powerful Volvo D16 engine developing high torque at low turns. The loader can also be equipped with the system of an automatic stop of the engine which switches off the car at long pauses in work. This flagman loader is also equipped with a unique what pedal of Volvo which promotes economic operation, responding with mechanical counteraction to excessive pressing of an accelerator and as a result cutting the general fuel consumption.


Completely updated design of L350H was developed taking into account the maximum comfort for the operator. The cabin of Volvo, best in branch, has the minimum level of vibration and excellent visibility thanks to the new rear-view camera and a new design of rear-view mirrors. The cabin is equipped with a new adjustable seat and the advanced interface of interaction of the operator with car – standard for all wheel Volvo loaders of a series H. Access to a cabin became easier and safer thanks to the thought-over placement of orange hand-rail and steps and also an opportunity to open a door from the remote control. For decrease in fatigue of the operator and simplification of management, the L350H model has three rezhimam of control of sensitivity of levers of an upraleniye hydraulics - soft, normal, active - which the operator can choose depending on the preferences. The control system of Comfort Drive Control (CDC) allows the operator to operate the direction of the movement of the car by means of the small lever / joystick that is especially effective at short cycles of loading of cars.


For the maximum durability the L350H model has a strong frame and specially skonstrirovanny Z-shaped mechanism of an arrow with double consolidations of manual connections. The bridges calculated on big loading with the unloaded half shafts, planetary wheel reducers and unattended bearings of the crosspiece of the back bridge have long service life. For increase in convenience of service the cowl of the car has the opening side panels facilitating daily planned inspections.

All main points of maintenance are available from the galleries surrounding the car. Besides, the system of passive and automatic regeneration automatically cleans the black filter of the diesel engine, without reducing the characteristic of the car.

For further increase in productivity and profitability of the car, Volvo offers a broad set of services, including monitoring of the machine park, the original spare parts Volvo, training of operators and the Volvo Site Simulation application.