Geneva Salon 2019 - The report of the editorial staff

Geneva Salon 2019 - The report of the editorial staff

Geneva 2019, it's over. During all these days, the Caradisiac editorial team has covered the event for you live , running from one booth to the next so you will not miss any unveiling, no novelty, no event. The journalists were in turn seduced, surprised, disappointed, enthusiastic, perplexed ... Today, while the show has just closed for a year and in hindsight, what remains of this 89th edition?

Once again Geneva has held its rank of international show richest in novelties. Nearly 150 world and European premieres were presented at Palexpo and the number of deserters was lower than at the last World Auto Show. Only a dozen brands have kicked in touch, including Jaguar, whose I-Pace has yet been awarded the title of car of the year. Apart from these defections, the mass of the world car went off without a hitch. Visitors could admire the most powerful machines on earth (Pininfarina Battista, Bugatti black car, Koenigsegg Jesko), the most beautiful concept cars ( Alfa Romeo Tonale, Aston Martin Lagonda, Hispano-Suiza Carmen) and linger on spectacular achievements (RUF 993, Puritalia, Piech). In short, a very nice edition marked by the return to business of the FCA group with the concepts Fiat Centoventi and Alfa Romeo Tonale, the French / French match Clio vs 208 and still the development of the electric car with concepts shovel and few serial car.

Manuel Cailliot: the Swiss paradox
Attendance numbers fell last night on Sunday. A simple line of the statement of the organizers, carefully stashed, drowned in the middle of satisfecit on the variety of the show and the number of "firsts". Up, she would have made the headline ... And it is a frequentation in the form of paradoxical cold shower.

Because -9% recorded are actually catastrophic (602 000 entries recorded 1 hour from closing). Even the Paris Salon had managed to maintain its stable attendance, above a million visitors! The Swiss rendezvous, stable or rising for years, has failed.

Yet it is a paradox, if we look at the number of world and European firsts (151). It is a paradox again when we know that this year, market heavyweights have been presented. The Renault Clio 5 , the Peugeot 208 , the Volkswagen T-Cross , the Mazda 3 and CX30, the Toyota Supra, the Porsche 911 and its cabrio variant, etc. A very beautiful edition in truth, as noted just below by Pierre. 

So how do you explain that? Undoubtedly, the absence of many builders has played. Without a Ford , Jaguar , Volvo , Alpine , DS, Opel, Hyundai or Land Rover stand, you will not need a lot of visitors. Without new motorcycle corner, as in Paris, we do not attract new heads.

And yet, those who made the trip have their eyes full and have their money. The others had in my mind wrong not to make the effort, even if we could find everything on Caradisiac , of course ...

Pierre Desjardins: an excellent edition
With two new generations of Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 world first, that is to say the two most sold cars in France for several decades, it was enough to make the 2019 vintage of the Geneva Motor Show a success.

But there was also a wave of new electrified models. So BMW as Audi made the trip with whole new range of hybrid, the 208 will have its electric version, the Nissan Leaf is entitled to an extended-range version, and we note the arrival in the area of brands up 'here was abandoning him, like Seat and Alfa Romeo .

Finally, Geneva has not failed its reputation for luxury and sportiness with the Rolls Royce Cullinan , the Porsche 911 Convertible , the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder , the Ferrari F8 Tributo or the Bugatti The Black Car .

In the end, we can only note one disappointment: Citroën celebrates this year its 100 years and the news on its stand was too thin to reflect such a birthday.

Florent Ferrière: stars who hide many absences
Of course, a show where we discover at the same time news Clio and 208 can only be a show event. Contrary to some of my colleagues wrapped up in the program, I found that this 89th edition still lacked big stars ready to join the dealerships. It will be necessary to wait to see the news Series 1, A3, Golf, Juke, Leon, Flying Spur ... It was a living room with more concepts.

But I do not sulk my pleasure, Geneva is the most interesting lounges, limiting the breakage side absences, and the most pleasant to visit. Moreover, I have already been able to list many paradoxes noticed in the alleys of Palexpo, but I left one of them aside. While brands feel that it is not necessary to come, new labels know that these places are essential to make themselves known. Testifies Polestar, a new brand of the Volvo group, which unveiled in Geneva its sedan ready to tackle the Tesla Model 3. Proof that trade shows are still of interest.

Geneva is also unique for its variety. Generalist firms are associated with luxury and sports brands, coachbuilders, preparers, exotic labels ... Too bad the public has responded less this year, with attendance down 9% to 602,000 visitors.

Pierre-Olivier Marie: Geneva always here!
The Geneva show, despite a declining attendance, confirms if necessary that major events of this type still have something to say and show. On the program: more than 15 new SUVs, ranges that are electrifying and several major firsts, especially on the side of French manufacturers with the 208 and Clio.

A good vintage, clearly, even if - known chorus - we can regret the absence of weight builders. This resulted in spaces left empty (or loosely furnished with a few chairs) in the middle of the large hall on the ground floor, to which is added the development of small builders or preparers whose exhibition area was inversely proportional to the industrial or commercial interest which they can arouse.