Volvo launches its first electric truck

Volvo launches its first electric truck

Volvo Trucks, one of the world's leading transport vehicles, today unveiled the all-new FL Electric, a 100% electric truck parts. A first for Volvo's professional branch that follows here the micro-trend launched by Tesla with its "Semi".

You have certainly been awakened one day in your life by the very early morning passage of the garbage truck in the morning. Know that it could be that it arrives in silence in the future. At least that's what Volvo is hoping for with its latest creation, the FL Electric. This medium-sized truck has an autonomy of 300 kilometers and meets needs for the moment very precise since it is predestined to urban areas.

This trend of the electric truck could be encouraged in the coming years by favorable policies, as in Germany, where the government wants to give free access to the tolls for electric trucks, which are for the moment almost non-existent.

The 2020 horizon should however be the beginning of a new era for truck manufacturers. At Volvo, the production of FL Electric will have the particularity of being French because it will be assembled on the site of Volvo Trucks, in Calvados.

For the moment, Volvo Trucks remains cautious with this vehicle which should remain confidential at its beginnings. But the brand hopes that the costs of electric trucks will drop by 2025 to become as competitive as the diesel versions.