Useful list of Caradisiac: all customer relations services of manufacturers

Useful list of Caradisiac: all customer relations services of manufacturers

As you know, Caradisiac is there too (and above all) to make your life easier and to be by your side when the tile occurs. So at the radius of the "useful" lists, here is that of all customer relations services of manufacturers.

That the one who has never had trouble with his car throws us the first stone (ok, Honda owners are not allowed to play ...). We have all, or almost all, already faced a hazard affecting our car. If, when it is too old, to hold the builder accountable is lost, during the warranty period, and even afterwards, it may prove useful.

And if the first natural interlocutor is the dealer of the brand, there is a second who can choose to help you, or let you unfortunately fall, it is the customer relationship service.

His missions are diverse. It can inform you about the operation of your car, the manufacturer's garage network, any recall campaigns, or technical specifications or maintenance recommendations.

But also, and most importantly, the Customer Relationship Service (CBC) will also be your main point of contact during a glitch on your car. When you suspect a hidden defect, premature wear, out of warranty period, your dealer will probably refer you to it to settle the file, and possibly get a support for the repair (little do themselves. ..). So, you have to have the right coordinates.

And since it's not always easy to find them, we did the job for you. For almost all brands distributed in France. We classified them in alphabetical order. Coordinates that are always useful to have on you or in your glove box. So go on to following pages.