While in many jurisdictions, such as Canada, Europe and China, governments are developing new legislation for the deployment of electric vehicles, manufacturers are starting to innovate in a race to meet growing demand needs.

Today, our client Lion Electric Company , a Quebec manufacturer specializing in the development of 100% electric buses and trucks, launches its brand new 100% electric city truck, the Lion8. And Creaform Ingénierie is happy to have participated in this unique project.

This Electric Company Lion electric truck project was born from the company's desire not only to create energy-efficient vehicles, but also to significantly reduce its environmental footprint. Canadians are also increasingly turning to electric transportation to reduce fuel consumption and help the environment.

In other words, the Lion Electric Company is on a mission
to leave its mark (green!) On the world.

The Lion8 is a Class 8 electric truck, designed in less than a year to meet the growing need for heavy-duty, heavy-duty, heavy-duty urban utility vehicles with a range of approximately 400 kilometers.

Lion Electric Company has teamed up with the Creaform Engineering team to address the company's many challenges in designing the truck, including ensuring proper weight distribution on the chassis to optimize payloads, minimize weight vehicle and adjust all aspects related to aerodynamics. And thus optimize the autonomy of the vehicle for all seasons. The vehicle also had to be fully OEM-integrated, with a chassis, cab and customizable batteries. The battery case, in particular, had to maintain the structural integrity of the chassis without affecting handling.

Creaform Engineering's experience in the transport industry; in particular in industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, numerical simulation (FEA / CFD), dimensional management (GD & T), and project data management (PDM); was essential to develop the project in time for its launch in March 2019.

It is today that the Electric Company Lion redefines the electric transport.

The Lion8 is the first class 8 urban electric truck with 100% Quebec engineering - and Creaform Engineering is proud to have helped transform the vision of the Lion Electric Company into a reality. We electrify the roads, one urban vehicle at a time!

It is today that the Electric Company Lion redefines the electric transport