BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Ford to share navigation data

Volvo and Ford to share navigation data

BMW has announced at a conference the opening of an open access platform for third parties on the navigation data of outstanding BMW vehicles, in collaboration with Mercedes, Volvo and Ford. This obviously anonymous information is intended to improve road safety.

This is the kind of information that has to cringe the protectors of privacy, but members of this European consortium ensure that it is only anonymous data sharing.

BMW , Mercedes , Volvo and Ford, together with the European Data Task Force, will offer an open access online platform for accurate navigation data to improve road safety.

In the long term, the aim is to collect as much real-time data as possible from the current vehicles of the brands mentioned above, in order to have a database allowing, for example, to refine the navigation (in case of danger on the road, weather problems) and reduce accidents. The dissemination of data will be gradual, especially as the cars will have embedded devices for communication.

Several manufacturers already have technologies that allow recent vehicles in circulation to automatically provide real-time information on hazards, including Volvo.