Completely electric compact Volvo Construction Equipment excavator is noted by an award of Intermat Innovation Award for a revolutionary design. The prototype of EX2 has zero level of emissions, by 10 times higher efficiency, in 10 lower noise level and smaller cost of possession.

The prototype of completely electric compact excavator of the Volvo Construction Equipment company (Volvo CE) known to EX2 code-named is awarded a prestigious award of Equipment & Machinery Award in category of the equipment for earthwork and demolition at the forum Intermat Innovation Awards. This conceptual car having zero level of emissions by 10 times higher efficiency, by 10 times the smaller noise level and the reduced possession cost in comparison with traditional analogs, is noted by an award for a contribution to development of construction branch. It is considered that it is the first-ever prototype of completely electric compact excavator. At this stage EX2 it is developed within the research project and doesn't go on sale.

"I am proud of the fact that EX2 is awarded this award recognized around the world", - Akhsen Nedzhimi, the specialist in electrical machines and the project manager of EX2 in the Volvo CE company has said. "EX2 - the revolutionary car. Electrification of the construction equipment will allow to create cleaner, silent and efficient mechanisms – and it, undoubtedly, the future of our industry. I am glad that the jury has estimated the importance of this project".


EX2 is awarded awards of Intermat Innovation Award To create completely electric prototype of EX2, the internal combustion engine has been replaced two lities - ion rechargeable batteries with a total capacity of 38 kWh which stock of energy lasts for eight hours of hard work - for example, of digging of dense soil. Hydraulic components have been replaced electric, with electromechanical linear drives that has allowed to optimize transfer of power. Elimination of hydraulic system and the internal combustion engine and also reduction of needs for cooling have significantly reduced noise level.

"Having zero level of emissions and ten times lower noise level, EX2 easily could be used in densely inhabited zones - even at night", - Akhsen Nedzhimi says. "Ten times higher efficiency of the car along with unattended systems allow to reduce considerably operational expenses and cost of possession. Thanks to full electrification and absence of mechanical governing bodies of the EX2 excavator it is possible to operate remotely from the mobile phone or the tablet. It increases safety at operation in the conditions of the increased danger. On the power and effort of EX2 it is comparable with traditional analogs, but at the same time surpasses them in the speed of the combined movements. As this type of movements is most typical for excavators, productivity considerably increases. These advantages are reached without deterioration in performance data of the car, allowing to solve fully problems of customers".

The awards Intermat 2018 Innovation Awards note cars, technologies, services, production and decisions contributing to the development of the construction and infrastructure industry. The jury headed by the president of National federation of public construction of France (FNTP) has announced the decision on an awards ceremony on January 18 in Paris. The judiciary board consisted of 13 specialists of branch who have chosen nine the best of more than 90 applications of the leading producers.

"EX2 is a part of long-term strategy of Volvo CE on creation of eco-friendly transport decisions", - Patrick Lundblad, the senior vice-president from Volvo CE for technologies has noted. "This award - recognition of continued work and the innovative ideas of employees of Volvo CE which break stereotypes and introduce innovations, helping the company to remain on a first line of technological development. We with impatience expect representation of a prototype of EX2 at the forum Intermat in April".