Volvo Trucks prolongs a guarantee for original Volvo spare parts up to two years

Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks declares extension of a company guarantee for original Volvo spare parts from one to two years. At the same time, besides original spare parts, the two-year guarantee extends also to the original restored spare parts according to the Volvo Exchange program now and also original accessories of our brand.

Volvo Trucks takes one more big first step to the clients. In order that the Volvo trucks in vehicle fleets of our customers worked longer, we double a company guarantee for original spare parts and accessories of Volvo. Now, if within two years from the moment of acquisition and installation at the authorized service station of the original Volvo spare part her marriage because of marriage of material or production defect is found, then her repair or replacement at the authorized service station Volvo is made free of charge. It belongs both to the cost of the spare part, and to works; at the same time the run isn't limited.

Besides, if the defective original Volvo spare part leads to breakage or the subsequent damages of the related components (so-called subsequent damage), then the guarantee extends also to them.

All works on replacement are performed by highly skilled mechanics who in due time have vocational training to be aware of the last technological improvements. 77 authorized service stations Volvo Group Trucks in Russia are equipped with the modern diagnostic equipment, a full arsenal of the special tool and relevant service literature

- We in Volvo Trucks daily analyze a situation in after-sales service, seeking to raise time of no-failure operation of the equipment of clients in combination with the acceptable level of costs of her service and repair. Two years ago we have radically reconsidered price policy on most of groups of spare parts that positively has affected the level of satisfaction of our clients, but we don't want and we won't stop only on it. Today we suggest our clients to use purchase and installation of spare parts at the authorized service stations and to be sure that they have bought high-quality spare parts which in the best way approach under their car and to receive one additional year of confidence in trouble-free operation.