The Volvo Construction Equipment company has released wheel L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180H High-Lift and L220H loaders with a set of the improvements promoting acceleration of a running cycle and increase in fuel efficiency at a size up to 20%. We present the new wheel loaders of a series H based on the latest Volvo technologies including the OptiShift transmission of the second generation, new hydraulics with adaptation to loading and the updated transmission.


Based on the checked line of wheel loaders a series G of the L150H, L180H and L220H model surpass the predecessors in fuel efficiency at a size up to 15%, and the L110H and L120H model - at a size up to 20%. The OptiShift transmission of new generation allowing the operator to adjust inclusion of blocking by car and also the powerful engine, optimization of the hinged equipment and completely new dry brake like P which doesn't have losses on viscous friction became factors of such increase. Improved by the OptiShift check point has the integrated function of braking when switching to a backing (RBB) appointment and the new hydraulic torque converter with the blocking establishing direct connection between the engine and the check point. Help to cut fuel consumption and the special ecopedal showing mechanical resistance in attempt to use excessive acceleration, and the latest hydraulic system with regeneration of oil in contours of cylinders of rise and an inclination and shutdown of hydraulic pumps.


For achievement of the maximum stability and efficiency wheel loaders of a series H are equipped with the new transmission working in coordination with the engine and bridges. The new hydraulic torque converter has the raised output moment and provides big efficiency on small turns. For faster acceleration and smooth work the step between transfers is reduced. Thanks to these decisions in combination with advanced hydraulics with adaptation to loading – improving dynamics of the hinged equipment and speed of rise and lowering of an arrow - the updated wheel loaders of a series H surpass in productivity series G loaders at a size up to 10%.


Wheel loaders of a series H differ not only high efficiency, but also universality in a wide range of applications - from transportation of materials and waste recycling before movement of materials, loading of slag and movement of blocks. The unique lever Volvo mechanism for parallel rise (TR) creates high vyryvny effort with ideally parallel movement in all range of rise. To minimize losses of power and to reach the maximum productivity, new cars are accompanied by a number of the models of the hinged equipment Volvo designed as natural continuation of the loader, with ideally coordinated functions and properties developed especially for them. A pitchfork and grabs and also various ladles enter the range of the hinged equipment. New ladles of Volvo for an overload of materials have convex sidewalls and the improved protection against dispersal which facilitate filling of a ladle and reduce material losses. The system of a pendant of an arrow offered as an option reduces losses of material from a ladle, increasing productivity during the work on uneven surfaces at a size up to 20%. The system of dynamic weighing Load Assist allows to operate effectively orders for works and it is easy to trace productivity. The Load Assist system working on the 10-inch touch Volvo Co-Pilot screen keeps track of amount of the moved material, providing profit on each ladle.


Wheel Volvo loaders are created for hard work and have a number of the functions increasing labor productivity of the operator, including the newest function of alignment of a ladle which automatically returns a ladle from the cast-away and thrown back situation in horizontal. The visibility of a cabin is improved thanks to new rear-view mirrors and the rear-view camera offered as an option. The rear-view camera together with the radar detector informs the operator on the objects located out of a visibility range visual and sound preventions. For increase in comfort and productivity wheel loaders of a series H can be equipped with one or three control levers and three hydraulic modes according to the required dynamics level. For additional convenience the Comfort Drive Control (CDC) system allowing to operate the vehicle by means of the small lever and especially convenient during the work at high speeds of the movement is offered.